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Item Code: 06526
Weight: 0.10KG
Product Groups: 3m Precision Masking Tape

  • Helps prevent seepage and edge bleed
  • Ultra-thinness is great for two-tone jobs
  • Acrylic adhesive provides excellent UV resistance
  • Produces crisp, sharp paint lines
  • Semitransparent for increased visibility

Smooth, ultra-thin and strong, 3M™ Precision Masking Tape is excellent for critical edge paint performance, helping auto body painters produce sharp paint lines using solvent and waterborne paint systems. Its paper backing helps produce very low paint edges with enough strength to pull through layers of colour and clear coat. 3M™ Precision Masking Tape, 06525, is ideal for two-tone separation, bumper black out areas and back masking.

Coated with an acrylic adhesive to provide excellent UV resistance and adhesion to metal, glass and painted surfaces. The smooth backing and even adhesion provide less chance of imprinting on freshly painted and delicate surfaces. A high performance masking tape designed to produces excellent paint lines with solvent and waterborne paints. 3M™ Precision Masking Tape is light green in colour and is constructed with an acrylic adhesive to provide excellent UV resistance. The unique construction provides a smooth even unwind that is easily torn by hand but yet is strong enough to pull through multiple layers of base and clear coat. The smooth backing and even adhesion allows the taping over freshly painted surfaces sooner with less chance of imprint damage.


Suggested Applications

  • Perfect for applications where sharp, low-profile paint edges are critical, such as two-tone paint jobs, bumper blackout and painting around details like nameplates
  • Compatible with solvent and waterborne paint systems

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