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16’ 6” Shooting Star

The Following courtesy of Rob Macks, Designer,

Shooting Star© is a new, smaller, lower volume, baidarka from Laughing Loon. The dimensions are 16' 6" long and 21" wide, The finished weight is 35 pounds. The suggested weight range is from 100 to 200 pounds. It is nimble, responsive and fast.

Shooting Star is not a scaled down version of the North Star. The volume is lower, especially in the rear deck. The hull is slightly flattened to improve stability in such a narrow kayak. Though the Shooting Star is only 21" wide at the widest point at the sheer line, stability is good and secondary stability excellent. She is very responsive to paddle strokes yet tracks very well.

Shooting Star will appeal to the paddler who wants a fast responsive day boat. With all the great speed, tracking and handling characteristics of the baidarka style.

  • Some comments, by Ken Katz
  • "I have been able to paddle my SS in some different conditions and am very pleased with the boat!"
  • "Paddling into the waves, the SS seemed to pitch less than my other boats and was drier than I expected."
  • "The SS tracks really well when surfing down the face of a wave.
  • "I didn't think it was possible to have a kayak track this well and be able to turn this easily."
  • "As it sits it is an excellent boat!! It not only looks fast and sleek, it shines.
    Thanks again Rob for an awesome boat!! "

The Shooting Star© is also a baidarka for the smaller paddler, with enough storage space for extended trips. It has the forward and stern volume typical of the baidarka style which gives the Shooting Star as much storage space as many larger length kayaks.

If you are 100 to 200 pounds the Shooting Star will be a good all round kayak for someone at the lower weight range or a good day boat for someone at the the higher end of that weight range.

The Shooting Star shown here is built of western red cedar (dark colored deck and hull sides) with northern white cedar on the hull bottom. The hardwood accents and veneers used on the deck, bow, toggle handles and cockpit are of curly maple.

The recessed fore and aft hatches are held in place with rare earth magnets. Neoprene gaskets on the hatches make them waterproof. The leading edge of the cockpit coaming is recessed. There are bulkheads in front of and behind the cockpit area to create the fore and aft watertight storage compartments.

Design Specs:

Length: 16’ 6”
Beam: 21”
Hull Weight: 35 lbs
Max Payload: 250 lbs
Paddler Weight: 100 - 200 lbs.

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