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Weight: 2.20LB
Product Groups: Other Glen L Designs

Could our CALYPSO be the ultimate boat for the water sports buff? Well, just check out these features and decide for yourself. For openers, there's a large 7 1/2' x 9' cockpit so you won't be elbow to elbow with your fishing or diving buddies. There's no motor box to bust your shins on because the motor is below the cockpit. It's self-draining and water tight as well. Any water that comes aboard drains aft and overboard, which makes clean-up a breeze. Next, look at the flying bridge. It'll seat three or four, plus there's a sunbathing lounge/seat that is perfect for watching the action in the cockpit. But the best feature of our CALYPSO is that it can be trailered anywhere without special wide load permits. You get the big boat "feel" of a 27' craft, but with the ability to do your fishing or diving anywhere there's a launching ramp nearby. Yet, the CALYPSO is built to take the rough stuff. The full length deep vee hull makes high speeds possible even in choppy conditions. That large fuel capacity means that you can run out to where the action is. If you want to lay over, most of the cabin has 6' headroom where four or five people can cook, eat, and sleep, complete with the privacy of an enclosed head. You can power your CALYPSO with an inboard gasoline or diesel motor, using either a vee drive or an outdrive for exhilarating high speed planing performance. Sheet plywood planking, together with our detailed plans and instructions, makes construction easy and inexpensive. Your finished CALYPSO will be a performer that you will be proud of.

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