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Product Groups: Other Glen L Designs

Don't be fooled by the traditional, well balanced lines of our DOUBLE EAGLE design. Underneath her timeless appearance lies a modern hull that can be built in either sheet plywood or sheet aluminum, two of the lightest and strongest boatbuilding materials. How is our DOUBLE EAGLE different from the traditional down east lobster boat? Primarily because of a hard-chine vee bottom hull that is easier to build and has a somewhat higher performance potential than the typical round bilge type. This feature also deflects spray at speed more efficiently, and the flatter bottom aft gives greater stability at rest. Yet the classic easy ride and positive handling characteristics are all retained. You can power your DOUBLE EAGLE with a reliable centrally located inboard which has the underwater gear protected by a long, deep skeg. Or, details are included for a stern mounted inboard driving through a stern drive. Or, you can use single or twin outboards. In the latter two cases, the skeg is of less depth for propeller efficiency. Regardless of your power choice, you'll be amazed by her performance and sea kindliness. Select PLYWOOD or ALUMINUM construction. With PLYWOOD PLANS, the hull is built over sturdy sawn wood frames reinforced with longitudinal members and planked with sheet plywood. Decks and superstructure are also plywood, reinforced with solid wood members, and all exterior surfaces sheathed with fiberglass. No difficult woodworking methods are required. With ALUMINUM PLANS, the hull is all-welded 100% aluminum, including the superstructure. The hull consists of marine alloy plating, reinforced by a sturdy system of athwartship frames and longitudinal stiffeners. Whichever material you choose, the plans include Full Size Patterns so that no lofting or layouts are necessary. Comprehensive instruction manuals make this a project especially suited to the amateur woodworker or person qualified to weld aluminum. The spacious single-level cockpit on the DOUBLE EAGLE is near the water, yet self-draining and deep for safety. Two people can sleep in the cabin and there are two hanging lockers (a small galley could be worked in if desired), plus space for a head. The helm area is well protected from the elements and fuel capacity is generous. Length of the boat can be increased or decreased by about 10% simply by respacing the frames a proportional amount if desired. Best of all, the DOUBLE EAGLE is legally trailerable.

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