Core-Cell, developed in the 1980s, is the first structural foam specifically  designed for the marine industry. Core-Cell uses a new SAN (styreneacrylonitrile) polymer base, rather than the conventional PVC-based foam technology which was developed in the 1930s and 40s. Core-Cell is the first foam core material that combines all the desirable properties of stiffness, impact strength, good heat distortion temperature, and compatibility with poly/vinylester and epoxy resin systems. Because of Core-Cell's versatility, it  can be used in hull bottoms, hull sides, engine stringers, bulkheads, decks and  superstructures. "P" Series Core-Cell foam for pre-preg construction is also available.

Core-Cell Bead and Cove Planking System

The Core-Cell Bead & Cove Planking System originated with Andre Bilodeau,  boat builder of 30 years experience, and is ideal for building one-off hulls,  decks and superstructures, prototypes and plugs. Core-Cell foam planks are available in widths of 2 1/2", 3 1/2" and 5", in 8' lengths, and in thicknesses  of 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1 1/8", 1 1/4". Andre's recent book entitled "Building your Hull with the Bead & Cove System" is available at Noah's for $ 39.00 . His book is especially helpful with the time-consuming fairing  and sanding process, and gives many useful hints to shorten the fairing time. In Andre's words: "If we can get things done in half the time, we can have twice as  much time to enjoy our boat!" Core-Cell is ideally suited for this process, it is precision sanded, the edges do not break off, and has excellent stiffness to maintain fairness and not sag between stations.

Core-Cell® is a new generation linear polymer foam for use as a sandwich core primarily in high quality boats. Its main properties are damage tolerance / high impact strength and good thermal resistance so that Core-Cell can be used in hulls, decks and superstructures. Core-Cell foam is supplied in densities from 3 - 12 lb/ft3, and as plain sheets, which can be thermo-formed, and as knife cut contoured/scrim and single/double/triple/quadruple cut sheets, which are suitable for both hand lay-up and vacuum bagging. The knife cut foam does not have a gap between the foam blocks, which minimizes resin accumulation, hard spots and print through.

Sheet Configurations

PL - Plain Foam: Suitable for One-Off construction.

PH - Plain with Bleeder Holes: Suitable for vacuum-bagging. Bleeder holes, approx. 2 1/8" (54mm) on center; hole diameter is approx. 1/16"(1.5mm).

SC - Single Cut: Suitable for vacuum-bagging, as the cuts intersect within the foam, and air can escape.  Also suitable for resin-transfer molding systems. Not flexible enough for most hand-layup applications.

CS - Contour/Scrim:  Contoured, bonded to a glass scrim, for hand-layup applications.  1 3/16" (30mm) squares, knife-cut for minimum resin accumulation between the gaps. Maximum thickness 5/8" (16mm) up to Type A550.

Technical Information

Core-Cell is a linear polymer foam that is non-friable, tough, rigid, and has a closed-cell structure. Core-Cell foams are used as structural sandwich core materials and provide low weight, excellent stiffness, and structural integrity under dynamic loads. Core-Cell foams have high shear elongation and impact strength. Core-Cell foams retain their mechanical properties even in the higher ambient temperature range. The insulation values are constant over time due to a controlled CFC-free foaming process. Core-Cell foams are compatible with polyester, vinylester, and epoxy resins.


Price / ft2

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Above pricing is based on Case quantities. Please add 15% for single sheet purchases.  Part sheets (4 x 4) are available and 50% of the full sheet price.

A500 PL, sheet size 4' x 8'


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Plank Size (Type A500 - 5lb ft3) 2.5" x 96"

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