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Noahs Marine Supplies

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Noah’s has been supplying canoe and kayak kits for over 25 years. Our kits include absolutely everything to build yourself a beautiful cedar strip canoe. Included in the kits are all the items shown below (quantities will vary based on the design - see the kit page on our e-commerce site to view actual quantities supplied with each kit.)


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Our kits include:


KayakCraft, or The Strip Built Sea Kayak (depending on model chosen)

Full size plans and patterns

Full set of plans and patterns.

100% Full length bead & cove select western red cedar strips
(options available - white cedar, basswood, mahogany and other species of accent strips)

Dural Marine Glue

1 LB Dural plastic resin glue & curved tip syringe (to glue strips together)

Mas Epoxy Resin

MAS Epoxy Resin, Hardener & Pumps
(WEST System, System 3, and EAST System Epoxies are also available)

Mas Epoxy Hardener
6 oz fiberglass cloth

6 oz. fiberglass cloth (and squeege)
(epoxy compatible, domestically made & rolled on a tube.)

Epifanes clear gloss varnish (2 liters)
With a 100% china white bristle quality varnish brush.


Yakima Footpedals


Okoume Plywood or Cedar strips to make cockpit rings & spacers. (strips are available in a variety of wood species.)

kayak hatch

Okoume Plywood to make hatch cover retainers
included hatch tape, and bungee tie downs.

nimbus seat

Feathercraft Creature Comfort seat & backrest


3” x 24” x 24” Minicell Foam for Bulkheads

Our kits also include:

5 pairs of latex gloves
2 mixing cups
16 Sheets of sandpaper in various grits 5 disposable chip brushes
1 metal roller tray 7" metal roller frame
5 epoxy and solvent resistant foam rollers

And much much more! See the kayak design on our e-commerce site for a complete listing of all the components in our kits. These are the most complete Kayaks kits anywhere.


CNC Cut Kayak molds are offered for every design. Each mold has the vertical midline and 4" reference waterline engraved along with the station mold number.

Want a different epoxy? Choose from:
MAS, West System, System 3 or EAST System


Rudder Systems

Anything in our kit can be customized. ie, if you have the plans and don’t require them we’ll subtract them from the cost of the kit. Maybe you have a special request for purple heart accent strips? We’ll supply those also. 
 Call or E-mail us to customize your kit.

Visit our e-commerce website’s kayak building materials section to see all the various options available.