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258 viewsI started gluing between the wire ties. I was lucky and did not get any drips to the inside. It looks like a boat now and my family actually believes me. Everyone who has actually seen the boat have commented on how nice the lines are!Aug 03, 2013
280 viewsfinally managed to get the bulkheads wired in proper position. Not easy because the panels have to be coaxed and curved into position and its hard to do. My wires kept breaking and wood got a bit scraped on the outside.

Not really a problem because it will be painted but nerve wracking. I have a few gaps here and there and I will have to rely on the filling capacity of the epoxy paste more than I had hoped. The Skerry hull is quite symmetrical and well formed and I think that is quite important.
Aug 03, 2013
236 viewsI added the 3 frames and they went in without too much trouble. They are only tied to the base at this point. Second panel was more docile than the first and attached itself to the first without much argument ... yet.

Boat certainly is big. Fills my living room quite completely.
Aug 03, 2013
240 viewsAfter fiddling and making of small holes for the copper wire, I have started assembling the boat. The base and first panels did not fit. The base was about a half inch too big.I did some "adjusting" with my block plane and now things will be coaxed together without too much fuss. I'm depending on the filling putty to hide any imperfection where the end of the base and the front meet. I've only roughly tied the base to the first panel. I'm thinking I'll adjust everything when the third panels have been addedAug 03, 2013
230 viewsAfter setting up the 16 feet side blanks and transferring the points by measuring and using a flexible stick to join the points between measurements I was ready to cut the sides of the Skerry. I checked twice and still expect to find something wrong. Murphy's law is alive and well in my home!!

Although the process is not difficult in itself, it is ackward to manipulate the big floppy pieces of wood.
Aug 03, 2013
343 viewsCutting along the lines I drew. I bought a couple dozen saw blades and change them as soon as the cut starts to get messy. I found that a coarse metal blade works better than a wood blade. Its quite slow but does not leave a burr. It is hard to make a perfectly smooth line though and I'm hoping little jumps will sand out.

NOTE: because the joints get a bead of thickened epoxy (fillet) the edges are not visible in the inside of the boat at all.
Aug 03, 2013
230 viewsCheck twice cut once!Aug 03, 2013
339 viewsThe Skerry is 15 feet long and plywood is only 8 feet so it has to be joined. Gluing the scarfs is a bit scary at first. I taped both sides of the joint then used wax paper instead of plastic wrap. It behaves better and doesn't stick to itself like plastic wrap does. I tried to make at least one of the 2 sides match perfectly. I'm hoping to fill and paint one side and keep the interior bright. I carefully unclamped while still a bit soft and cut off the epoxy that had squeezed out.Aug 03, 2013
345 viewsOn the trailer...threw the old top back on just to get a better visual of a somewhat finished looking boat, this won't be used as it's pretty beat up. This is a really shitty picture...

Jul 27, 2013
258 viewsTonight, got her flipped back over Used the same ratchet strap method, but had a friend help this time just in case...
Jul 27, 2013
262 viewsThen the eyelet went back in...getting closer to flipping this thing back over so wood working on the top side can begin!
Jul 27, 2013
235 viewsAfter a few more stages of buffing, was time to polish up the metal hull trim and secure it down with new #6 stainless hardware

Jul 27, 2013
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