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236 viewsNote the form of the trim piece on the ground...
234 viewsNow, onto flipping the boat...thanks to the picker, beams, and some clever use of ratchet straps, it was a fairly straightforward affair.

234 viewsfinally managed to get the bulkheads wired in proper position. Not easy because the panels have to be coaxed and curved into position and its hard to do. My wires kept breaking and wood got a bit scraped on the outside.

Not really a problem because it will be painted but nerve wracking. I have a few gaps here and there and I will have to rely on the filling capacity of the epoxy paste more than I had hoped. The Skerry hull is quite symmetrical and well formed and I think that is quite important.
233 viewsHad a friend come over with some home brew to slow me down a bit...Bourbon Barrel Porter with Oak wood chips, seemed fitting right? I can't begin to explain how amazing this beer is. Anyway, the boat is getting pretty close to being naked at this point Obviously this is the easy monkey work...but it yields some gratification through quick results of progress.
232 viewsThen...had to get rid of the orange peel. Went aggressive here with 800 grit and a DA sander. In hindsight I would have started higher on the grit, or invested time/money into a better spray booth that was my garage, as it became a bitch to buff out and some of these scratches are still visible if you have a good eye.

Toronto Island Beach232 views
231 viewsShit...we got some rot to deal with
229 viewsThe rot...
227 viewsTonight, got her flipped back over Used the same ratchet strap method, but had a friend help this time just in case...
226 viewsAnd....naked.
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