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204 viewsAfter the 3000 there is a slight gloss visible through the dullness...
203 viewsI'm always amazed at the contours wood hot.
203 viewsI'm either a genius...or incredibly stupid for even trying this out, but I'm stubborn and didn't want to wait for 5 friends to show I took it upon myself to do the deed of flipping the boat.

First item to take care of was getting lumber for the stands I need to build. I really need a truck...
Toronto Island Beach203 views
202 viewsPainted!!! I love the color...and even better is the changing hull surface from front to back goes from shadow to highlight, so there's a great transition of the colors.

199 viewsGunnels get 3 coats of resin, then 7 of varnish.

Back to my favourite, sanding. This time the inside gets the attention. Its harder to reach too. Eventually I put countless coats of varnish.

The covers for the buoyancy chambers get screwed in with waterproof goo in between.

I sprinkled some no skid finish in the last coat of varnish on the bottom and first board. I don't intend to put floorboards so its safer in a boat if its not to be too slippery.
198 viewshat felt like a million hours of buffing were needed to bring out the shine. Also took a full quart of heavy cut compound to get it done.

Power of One solar car197 viewssolar car built by Marcello de Luz using corecell, carbon, fiberglass and epoxy
197 viewsThen came removing the engine. Never thought I'd use the picker to do something like this. Here's the stand to ease with moving it around as well.
Mountain Rythym Drums193 views
193 viewsPricking out all the putty from the many, many buried screws.

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