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Meranti cut146 viewsMain pieces of the boat have been cut. I drilled one eight inch holes along the edges for stitching. After cutting the first side, I just placed it on the plywood and traced it. I then cut right on the line and got a good match.

I've made a little scratch on my saw guide and it allows me to position the cut very accurately. The bow and transom pieces are half inch Meranti plywood with lovely colour.
146 viewsSeat assembly has been glued and is being tried for fit. Its a sticky dry run.
143 viewsUsing a foam roller really worked well for the primer. On the outside hull, I had used a good brush and it left streak marks. Not serious for primer but more work sanding out. This coat is very even and will cover a multitude of sins in the preparation I hope. Particularly after the inevitable sanding session.
142 viewsThe whole interior has had a coat of paint. This is the second coat for the non skid section. It certainly will be non skid. I will see what the texture is like after the paint has dried. If its too coarse I will sand down some of the high spots. So far so good though.
Its a shame that the 2 toned effect has disappeared with the second coat. It looked nice. I need at least another coat to cover the inside properly. At that point I might call it painted. The finish is not so perfect I'm afraid.
139 viewsUsing my faithful Makita random orbital sander and 60 grit paper a bevel was ground on the underside of the seat pieces. This is to fit against the sides and ends of the boat that are not vertical but at an angle.
139 viewsUsing thickened epoxy to tack between the wire stitches. (detail)

I put the weights in to help the boat take its shape and to wedge the tongue depressors keeping the edges in position. The little boat is supported at both ends but not in the middle. I have small gaps at the bow. I assembled the pieces corner to corner but it might have gone better if I had overlapped the parts. Corner to corner creates a gap that needs to be filled.
138 viewsThe Apple Pie weights about 65 pounds and was easy to turn over. It was also quite rigid. the green tape marks the 6 inch intervals used to draft the boat.
137 viewsMiddle seat has been cut and is being checked for fit. The middle seat allows a rower to move forward or backwards to balance if there is another person in boat or if a heavy load is being carried. The design calls for 2 sets of oarlocks.
137 viewsRoughly stitched. Next step is to fine tune and tighten the wires till the boat takes its shape. It is on 2 garden benches. I used a pair of wire cutters and a few tongue depressors and a spatula. These help me position and move the parts till the edge corners are together. Some builders say to bevel the edges to have a flat piece but I just used the tongue depressors and used weight to position them properly. They only have to hold for a couple of hours until the epoxy has set.
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