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Wool Polishing Pads

3m Superbuff Polishing Pads

A versatile general use blended wool pad with stiffer central hub for more cutting power. Excellent for all paints and clears. Twice the usable buffing surface and has an untwisted yarn construction that gives excellent cut and finish.

3m Perfect-It Polishing System

Foam compounding pad used to apply compounds to remove sand scratches and swirls. This 8 inch diameter pad features a face design which holds compounds better, i.e., reduces slinging of compound. Has Hookit™ attachment system.

3m Hookit Sbs Polishing System

Designed to provide easy attachment and removal and accurate centering of the 3M™ Hookit™ SBS™ Compounding or Polishing Pad to the 3M™ Hookit™ SBS™ Backup Pad. Fits all standard 5/8 inch shaft slow-speed polishers.

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