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CEDAR (RED) STRIP BUNDLE 16 - 17' (64pc)

CEDAR (RED) STRIP BUNDLE 16 - 17' (64pc)
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Item Code: CSB-R
Weight: 82.50LB
Product Groups: Bead & Cove Strips

Bundle of (64 pcs 16' to 17') Precision Milled Full Length Western Red Cedar Strips. Bundles are assembled with either a mixture of light and dark strips or all light colored strips only (specify when ordering.) A 64 strip bundle is more than enough to build most canoes up to 32" beam and kayaks to 23" ...more

About our Cedar Strips

Bundle of 8 Western Red Cedar Strips

Noah’s strips are made from premium quality full length Western Red Cedar, no need for splices in your Canoe or Kayak.

The strips are cut from a single 3” plank fed through a multi head milling machine.  The resulting 8 bead and cove strips are ” x ” (6mm x 19mm), exactly the same profile and wrapped together in sequence as they came out of the plank.

3" plank being fed into Cedar Strip Molding Machine
8 strip bundle being wrapped and inspected
Bundles of 8 strips being stacked

The strips shipped as bundles for building most Canoes and Kayaks consist 8 packages of 8 strips = 64 strips, most strips are edge grain, light brown to pink, but there usually are some darker strips as well as some with flat grain..

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