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Cedar (Red) Strip Bundle 16 - 17' (64pc) 1
Titebond 3 Ultimate Wood Glue 32 Oz 1
Mini Pump Set For Group A B C 1
6oz X 60" Cloth 11
Epifanes Clear Gloss Varnish 1l 2
Seat Hangers - Ash Dowells 8
Silicon Bronze Carriage Bolt 3/16 X 6" 8
Brass Carriage Bolt 3/16 X 4" 4
Silicon Bronze Hex Nuts 10-24 4
9" Metal Tray 4
7" Cage Style Roller Frame 4
R195 Phenolic Core Foam Roller 7" 4
603 Resin Brush 1" 4
603 Resin Brush 2" 4
603 Resin Brush 3" 4
Yellow Spreader 3" X 5" 4
Flat Head Tapp #8 X 3/4" 4
Flat Head Tapp #8 X 1-1/4" 4
1 Qt. Mix N Measure Container W / Ratios 4
Brass Stem Band 4' Inc 12 X 4x3/4 Screws 4
Brass Flat Head #4 X 3/4" 4
Brass Eye Bolt 5/16" X 1-7/8" 4
Deck Blanks 2 Pcs Ash 18" X 5" X 3/4" 4
Onyx Brush 2.5" 4
3m Gold 9" X 11" 80b 4
3m Gold 9" X 11" 120b 4
3m Gold 9" X 11" 180b 4
3m Gold 9" X 11" 240b 4
Ash/Pine Stems 1/4" X 7/8" X 48"-12 Pcs 4
Curved Tip Syringe 12cc 4
Latex Gloves 5 Pairs 4

For those beautiful days out for lunch on the river or an evening on the lake by yourself, this is the boat. This asymmetrical design (the forward sections are finer than those aft) can be paddled from a tractor style seat while switching sides every eight strokes or from a traditional seat with the boat heeled over. Over two and a half inches of tumblehome either side bring the gunnels in for comfortable paddling.

Designers comments: "The large tumblehome was designed into this boat for ease of paddling, but what it does to the appearance of the boat is dramatic. The narrow gunnel width emphasises the slim lines and the high section curvature near the waterline looks dramatic. And I think you will find this boat paddles even better than it looks."

Length 17'
Maximum beam 30.7"
Beam waterline 28.5"
Beam gunnel 25"
Bow height 16"
Centre depth 11.25"
Stern height 14"
Draft 3"
Displacement 244 lbs.
Wetted surface 25.2 sq.ft.
Weight to immerse 123 lb/in
Weight 45 to 55 lbs.

About our Cedar Strip Kits

Noah’s has been supplying canoe and kayak kits for over 25 years. Our kits include absolutely everything to build yourself a beautiful cedar strip canoe or kayak. Included in the kits are all the items shown below (quantities will vary based on the design - see the kit listing above to view the actual quantities supplied in the kit.)

  • Building Instruction Book - either Canoecraft, Kayak Craft or Strip built Sea Kayak.
  • Full Size set of Building Plans.
  • Full Length Western Red Cedar Bead & Cove strips.
  • Epoxy - Either MAS, System 3, WEST or EAST System epoxy with measuring pumps.
  • Premium fiberglass cloth, rolled on a tube to cover the inside & outside of your canoe or kayak.
  • Full Length Ash Gunwales for Canoes or Ash Rub rails for Kayaks.
  • Sheer clamps (kayaks - if required.)
  • Cockpit coaming materials (either Okoume or Cedar Strips.)
  • Brass Stem Bands with brass mounting screws.
  • Brass Eye bolts.
  • Ash Deck Blanks (for Canoes.)
  • Ash Cane Seats, one small one large and seat hanging kit (for Canoes.)
  • Ash Stems - precut 1/4" x 3/4" x appropriate length.
  • Custom molded seat, backrest and knee pads in minicell foam (for Kayaks.)
  • 3" Minicell foam for bulkheads, with adhesive to attach them.
  • Hatch Cover kits (if your design has hatches) and Tie down kits.
  • Ash Sculpted (Dished) Yoke and hardware (for Canoes.)
  • Premium Epifanes Yacht Varnish with a high quality bristle Varnish Brush.
  • Premium 3M Sandpaper (4 pcs of 80, 120, 180 & 240 grit.)
  • Dural Marine Glue to glue the strips together along with a small curved tip syringe to apply the glue.
  • Plastic measuring & mixing containers.
  • Metal paint tray & 7" roller handle.
  • 5 Epoxy resistant 7" low pile foam rollers & 5 Natural bristle disposable Epoxy brushes.
  • Plastic Squeege for applying the epoxy on the fiberglass.

Additions and Substitutions

We can substitute any of the items listed above with any item in our catalog, some examples:

  • Add CNC Cut station molds to any kit.
  • Don’t like Ash? Go with Cherry or even Walnut to finish your craft.
  • Any type of epoxy is available with your kit.
  • Already have something in the kit? We’ll subtract it and adjust the price.

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