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12-08-2004, 11:23 PM
Hello to all,
Just joining on with you folks.
I am primarily engaged in glued lap construction with the boats that I produce in my shop. I am building boats for sailing and rowing of traditional design and detail but using this modern method afforded us by the advancements of plywood but more particularily epoxy. I am glad to have choosen this method as I am finding that it works well to produce hulls with the sweet lines and fair curves of the beautiful designs from the 19th century that have been all but lost. I am currently building a Delaware River Tuckup, a hiker class racing sailboat from that time period. It is a wonderful experience to engineer, or should I say convert, the construction method from a set of plans that is drawn to show it's original, what we refer to as "traditional" method. I am interested to share and learn from others that might engage the glued lap method as well. Thanks for the opportunity to join in.
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