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    Desire to miniaturize my 17ft cedar strip canoe

    Hey all,

    A few years back my father and I built a gorgeous cedar strip canoe together from scrap. Or should I say, we completed it a few years back; it took us 8 years to build (yes I no, 8!) It is now hanging in our living room as a stunning piece of artwork. Long story short, my father no longer lives in the house that I grew up in and the house that the canoe currently resides in. As a gift to him from me I was planning on replicating our 8year canoe project, but on a smaller scale. A 1 1/2' scale to be exact. I'm having trouble coming up with dimensions for the 'mushrooms' or the skeleton that the strips are bent along to form the canoe.
    Unfortunately, the forms we used were trashed long ago thinking they were never to be used again. Can any one help me out?? I no I can buy plans online for around $60 that would give me dimensions for a 17ft canoe but I'm hoping to avoid that cost. Any help would be appreciated!!!

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    Theoretically you can scale the whole thing down, but it is difficult to keep the shape fair. Shortening or lengthening by more than 10% can also affect the balance and handling. Blow the $ 60.00 on the plans; it will save you money and aggravation in the long run.


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