I have a 14' fiberglass canoe. It is just the hull and mahogany gunwales. It has no thwarts, yokes or ribs. The previous owner was in the process of restoring it when he sold it.

One of my questions is about reinforcing the hull. As it is now, the hull has no leaks. I am thinking about putting Kevlar in the bottom and up the sides about 3" to 4" inches. Then install 5 wooden ribs with fiberglass cloth and resin over them. I am looking to give the canoe strength and a more ridge shape. Will the ribs be enough and give me what I am looking for? Or is the Kevlar needed?

I am not sure how thick the fiberglass is right now. Is the Kevlar too much? I am concerned because I have read that fiberglass is one of the weaker materials that canoes are made of. I don't plan on white water canoeing, just lakes and rivers. But I want my canoe to be strong.

Any advice that you can give is appreciated. Thank you.