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Thread: Tinting Epoxy?

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    Nov 2008

    Tinting Epoxy?

    Does anyone have any info or experience with adding a colouring agent or dye to clear West Epoxy Resin?
    I'm about to re-do the bottom of a cedarstrip runabout, that had a fiberglass & coloured polyester covering done this way in 1960.
    It made a lot of sense to me, to help hide the inevitable scratches.

    Thanks for any ideas,
    Bill McNamara
    Picton & Eganville.

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    Most non oil based pigments or dry powders will work. Don’t use more than about 3% liquid pigment as you could affect the epoxy cure. Noah’s carries Evercoat pigments that Epoxy compatible. You will not get a high gloss finish and the surface will chalk when exposed to sun, but otherwise it works OK.


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