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    Question Top deck painting question

    I am the new owner of a Pearson 10M (1973). The previous owner did a shabby job on painting the top deck and while it needs a full top deck stripping and painting, Im curious if its worth just painting the non-skid surfaces for this seasons use. While there is still some tread in the non-skid areas, it looks as if he applied one coat and then walked away from the job. So the paint job has severe brush streaks and swirls.

    My question is this: Is it possible for me to simply clean the surface area, tape off and apply another coat to the non-skid area for this seasons use? Will the paint even hold without me first stripping and sanding the surface area?

    I'd really appreciate anyone's tips or advice on this matter.
    Thank you.

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    You could try scrubbing with a course 3M Scotchbrite pad and Acetone. This should remove loose paint and dirt. Epifanes and Sikkens have antiskid Deckpaints that will roll on without brush marks and should last at least one season, more if the surface is sanded and Epifanes Intermcoat primer is used before the paint.


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