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Thread: wet edge woes

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    wet edge woes

    hello epoxy fans...

    I like the look of stained wood so I used a dark mahogany aniline stain on a cedar kayak hull. When I layed up the cloth, the wet edge of the epoxy left a dark streak in the stain. I now have a leopard-striped hull!!! This one will have to be painted. Does anyone have a solution for this? I'd still like to use these stains.


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    So what’s wrong with leopard stripes? No idea why the epoxy wet edge would cause the patterns, but when wiping on a dark stain the overlaps will be darker. It is possible that the epoxy just accented the overlaps.

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    wet edge woes....

    A wet edge is a decorative arts term (faux finishing). It applies to the glazing process. The artist, while applying the glaze, works in sections on a wall. They must make sure that the glaze does not dry on the outer edge in order for it to be joined to the next section. If it does dry, the result is a "dry edge" that creates a line and ruins the entire look of the faux finish.
    am i right?????


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