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    Stitch+Glue Kayak Help!?

    A while back I built an 8' stitch and glue pram, and I gave a Kayak a shot with terrible results, it was incredibly unstable and was a complete failure =( I wanted to give it another shot, and I figured id see if anyone had any advice. What I'm looking for is a really short light kayak thats easy to store and easy to transport. Ideally the length would fit on one sheet of plywood so I don't have to splice pieces at all. The old one was 1 foot tall, 18" wide at the top, and 16" wide at the bottom, and was 8' long...it was a flat bottom with slightly angled sides. I'm thinking thats why it was so unstable. I'm 130lbs and 6' tall...so I don't think the short length should really be an issue. I was thinking of taking the free Laker 13' plans
    ( http://www.jemwatercraft.com/FreeKayakPlans.php )

    And keeping the width the same and shrink it to 8' long, I'm going to sketch that up and see how it looks, but I really have no clue what direction to go with this project.

    I'm building a set of 2 identical kayaks, that ideally I could join together into a pontoon boat, or even better a catamaran sailboat...if at all possible.

    I LOVE the look of the old boat, very simple and elegant, and i'd love to stick as closely to that design as possible, if possible.

    Ideally I would like to keep the old dimensions, but add more rocker, and a more curved shape to the bottom.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



    EDIT- I posted some pics of a new design I did in Google Sketch Up. At the top it's 8' X 18" At the bottom it's 7' X 10" which tapers off to a point. And the very center of the boat is 1' tall, and the sides are 10" tall.

    Any ideas? Or am I just making a fool of myself?
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