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    Mold placement--help!!

    I am building the Prospector 16 foot.
    I borrowed the molds from a chap who said to space all of the molds at 12" spacing.
    Herein is my problem after all of the molds stem molds have been placed and plumbed.
    When I place a strip on the canoe to check the fair of the boat….the strips do not touch the pattern mold ( the half pieces connected to stem pattern) nor do they touch the 1st pattern piece connected and placed perpendicular to the stem pattern.
    Also a bit confusing to me is the fact that I did steam and bend pieces for inner stems…. the strips do follow a natural “line” to the end stem pattern but because I used hardwood inner stems, the strip does not flow properly to the end of those.(another ¾”)
    Can I simply move the stem mold and mold connected to it further out without changing the spacing of all the other molds? This would give a better fair line and solve all the initial problems described??

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    Bottom line is not to have a funny looking canoe. If it is a matter of moving the end stations out an inch or so to get it fair it should not be a problem, just check your waterline first to make sure the all the forms are the right height.

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    The floors in most basments, garages, driveways, and yards are not level so your frames should be placed on a stand that has been leveled. of course finding a flat board is sometimes as hard as finding a flat floor. one more thing use a four foot level to check it and a string to check for flat a 1/4 inch bow over 8 feet is sometimes hard to see.


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