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    20 foot strip sailboat.

    I have an older sailboat plan originally designed for carvel or lapstrake construction. The plans were purchased prior to th advent of epoxy and plywood by my father. The designer has passed away. I like the look of wood and would like to glass the outside of the hull so the wood grain shows through. There would be no glass on the inside due to the frames. I have been told that unless I cover the outside of the boat with biaxel glass I would have to sheath it with 3 mm plywood. That does not fit my desires. What sized cedar or cypress strips would be needed to make this boat as strong as designed with one layer of glass on the outside and 4 coats of epoxy on the inside. The strips will be nailed and glued with weldwood glue. (I cant use epoxy and will pay someone to do the glasswork).

    Unless someone knows of inexpensive double ended pocket cruiser that can be built stitch and glue I want this boat!!


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    So why use epoxy and fibreglass on a boat that does not call for it? This type of construction depends on closely fitted planks swelling when they get wet to keep the water out. The construction also usually requires a full size male mould covered with steel straps to bend the copper nails when driven through the ribs. You could use 3M 5200 or Sikaflex to as calking and avoid having to allow the wood to swell.
    A stitch and glue design would be much simpler to build. An alternative would be to use the stations of your design to build in Cedar strip similar to canoe construction. You should probably go to 3/8 or planks with no ribs, glassed inside and out with 10 oz cloth and epoxy. Glass the outside, then drop in a couple of bulkheads to maintain shape before glassing inside.


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