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    Making strongback mobile

    OK, I have the pieces cut and started to assemble the strongback for my Bear Mountain 16' Prospector. The plans recommend affixing the strongback to the floor via screws or epoxy. Since my build is going to take up a significant amount of floor space in my 2-car garage shop, I would like to mount it on wheels. Plus, my concrete floor isn't exactly level. My current plan is to build the strongback according to the plans, but mount it on a rectangular torsion box. Anyone see any issues with this?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Should be no problem as long as it remains level and plumb when you are setting up the stations. Does not really matter when you are stripping and glassing.

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    Mobile Strongback

    I had the same problem when I first started building canoes. I was working from a one car garage. I could not attach the strongback to the floor because it was concrete. I found that if the strongback was level and the stations were plumb everything worked out well. I now have a large workshop with a wooden floor and I still do not attach my strongback to the floor. In fact I have it on rollers so that I can move it around on the shop. If the stations are at right angles to the strongback and the centerlines of the stations are in line then the boat will be true.


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