I ordered plans for building an 18 foot cedar strip canoe in 1980 from Canoe Magazine, and now my son and I are finally going to build it together. The plans are older than he is . The plans are from a gentleman named Lew Miller. The canoe has no keel, and I think it is a single stem design, not an inner and outer. No Keel. We have assembled the strongback and attached the molds, but are unsure on the stem mold placement to the end molds. The plan calls for 1 inch laminated stems, but it looks like the stem molds may be intended to mount to the end molds that could cause the stems to stick up 1/2 inch above the end molds. I am hoping that an experienced canoe builder can tell me if the laminated stems are to be flush with the end molds, or are they supposed to stick up 1/2 inch and this excess is to be trimmed off before attaching strips?