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    Floatation compartments

    Hi all ; I'm building a 16' stitch and glue canoe . The plans I'm following show the floatation compartments being airtight sealed by a bulkhead and the deck. A fine idea if you can be sure it's 100% waterproof. I'm not sure my building skills can garauntee that. Would floatation foam give a similiar amount of displacement? I've never used it before , how does it work and how much would I need? Thanks...Jeff

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    Our pour in place foam is closed cell so will not absorb water even if you do get a leak, it will displace about 60 lb. per cubic foot. A 2 quart kit will produce about 2 cubic ft. so 120 lbs. of flotation. Just mix 1:1 and pour. It is best to leave the top off your flotation compartment, mix and pour about quart, it will take about 20 minutes to fully expand. If you need more just add to the top, trim even with a bread knife and put the top on.


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