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    I have recently been given a "Mansfield" 13ft fiberglass canoe. It unfortunately was stored on the ground and the gunwales are completely rotten. I want to replace the gunwales myself but the "Stowe Canoe & Snowshoe Company" is out of business. Since I can't easily call the original builders I am looking for details on the type of wood, dimensions of the wood, a place to get the wood, and general details on this type of repair. I would appreciate any help I can get.

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    No idea what the original might have been, but have a few suggestions on the repair. If the gunwales were wood it was probably white ash. If there is any wood left, just duplicate what was there. If you don?t have anything to go by, Noah?s supplies ?? x ?? ash. You just put one inside, one outside and screw together thru the fiberglass.


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