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Thread: Epoxy and glass

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    Question Epoxy and glass

    I am building a Guillemont bootlegger strip canoe out of mahogany.
    In nicks videos I have seen him put in kevlar in bottom of kayaks is this necessary or will just a 6 oz glass cloth do inside and out?
    I have used west system epoxy on my sailboats and find that it is very sensitive to high humidity. Living in North carolina there is always high humidity will Mas or system 3 work better if humid

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    If you are using x strips the Kevlar is strictly cosmetic, 6 oz glass is all you need.
    All epoxies will blush to an extent with high humidity and low temperature, however MAS, System 3 and East System are formulated as low blush, meaning it really has to get down and dirty before there is any significant blush. I have used MAS and East in my basement that is quite humid with no blush and in freezing rain where they did blush, but at least set up.

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    MAS is significantly better than West as far as blushing goes.


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