Hello, I have a 1989 Ski Challenger with a rotten floor. I have torn out the floor and am seeking the most economical, but still durable, solution to replacing the floor. The carpet is in good shape so I do not care about looks.

First question:
1. Marine plywood v.s. PT plywood? I plan to cover it with fiberglass and resin anyway so does it matter? The research I have made states both use the same glues but pressure treated will have voids in the plys. Will this matter if I seal it with resin?

2. What is the best and most economical resin to use to seal the plywood prior to installation? I have previously used the West system, which works great but was not cheap. Are there acceptable alternatives?

3. For the floor, I understand the top should be covered in fiberglass. Should the bottom also be covered? Does the fiberglass aide in sealing the plywood? What is the ideal type of fiberglass? (woven sheet, mat, etc.)? It appears the original plywood was painted with a white sealant paint and stand fiberglass put lightly on top.

Anyway, I know this a lot of questions but any answers are greatly appreciated. We do not have much expertise in my area and I have heard nothing but good about your store.