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    Bottom paint and repairs

    I'm about to repaint the bottom of my 14 ft cedar strip runabout, circa 1940's . It was last painted during a restoration about 5 years ago, with 3 coats of marine paint. Last spring when I launched, the boat took on LOTS of water, much more than I would expect from just being dry and needing to swell. There are several cracks in the bottom paint. Before I launch this year, I'd like to repair these cracks and repaint.

    Should I scrape and sand the cracks and fill them with epoxy?
    Should I epoxy the whole bottom? Can I do so without using fibreglass cloth?
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    The easy method is refill the cracks, I prefer Sixaflex 291 LOT or 3M 2500 to epoxy, these come in a standard calking tube so are easier to apply than epoxy and are very flexible so will move with the wood. Just scrape off paint in the immediate area, gun the calking in and remove excess with a putty knife. Give it at least 3 days to cure, sand and paint. If you rush the sanding it may pull out some of the partially cured calking.
    The permanent, never leak again solution is epoxy and fibreglass from the splash rail down. Epoxy by itself will allow more cracking as the wood moves in the water and from drying when out. The extra strength of a 6 oz or preferably 10 oz. cloth will prevent any further leaking.
    First you will need to remove all the paint down to bare wood and remove the keel. Next re clench any loose nails, replace bad planks and ribs, them fill all nail heads and cracks with epoxy putty. Sand smooth and apply the fibreglass with epoxy resin, polyester resin is cheaper, but will eventually delaminate and have to be re done. Use two strips of fibreglass to cover the right and left sides to just under the splash rails, overlap about 4” under the keel. Replace the keel and bed with Sikaflex or 5200, sand and paint.

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    Thanks! I think I'll try the easier method and see how it performs. I like the idea of a flexible product.


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