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Thread: canoe building

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    I am looking for some information on building wooden canoes. I am interested in building a mid-size, two person canoe to use for fishing lakes and small streams, and have no idea what to look for in a kit or the like. Any information on types of wood, kits, or other general information would be greatly appreciated.


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    Buy the book Canoecraft 2nd Edition. ISBN#1-55209-342-5 It is $20, the best $20 you will spend on your future canoe. Also check out the selection of kits at Noah's. I bought my kit there and everything is turning out great.

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    As you can see from this site, most canoe designs are cedar strip. You can use any wood, but Western Red Cedar is the usual, because it is light, looks good, and is available in long lengths. Plywood designs are also available, but not as popular as the strippers.


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