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Thread: Cost

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    Can anybody give me a cost thereabouts in $US to construct a 15-16' cedar strip canoe?.

    Do you need any prior building skills or knowledge to construct a canoe of this nature from plans.

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    Check this site for complete kit prices. The only extra you will need is the paddle. You can save some money, by making your own strips, but you may have difficulty finding cedar of adequate length and quality. In addition you will need a good table saw and router setup, with jigs to run long straight lengths. No problem building from the plans, if you have some basic woodworking tools and skills. Canoe Craft by Ted Moors will fill in between the lines in the plans.

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    Check out this site fopr costs but as far as skills go, don't worry about it. I had never even seen anything but a photo of one before I started and am just finishing mine. It has taken some time. Buy the book Canoe Craft by Ted Moores, I think Noah's sells it. I would say it is a must read before you start, and a handy manual as you build.


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    We are building a Redbird (17'6"). We milled our own strips out of local basswood (very pretty wood, some with a beautiful quilting to the grain), made the inner and outer stems out of locally purchased basswood and walnut respectively, and plan to make the gunwales and decks out of rough sawn lumber as well.

    If you have a planer, a good table saw, a good router/table or shaper, you can do this yourself. If you don't have at lease these items and don't want to buy them, milling your own parts is not really an option.

    Our estimated total cost will be right around $500 when we are finished. By far the bulk of this was the fiberglassing materials; total wood costs will be less than $200.


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