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    1st time fiberglassing....

    My 15ft Hiawatha will soon be ready for fiber glassing. The thought scares me a bit but I'm ready to take the plunge.

    Considering my inexperience, is there one make that is better than the other ???...MAS vs EAST vs WEST ?

    Also, the fiberglassing kits listed on your site, do they include enough material for a 15footer ?

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    MAS and East System are both low viscosity, water clear, no blush systems so little difference in workability or end result. MAS Medium and East Intermediate 834 will get you about 25 min pot life and 45 min working time at room temperature, that should be plenty for Canoe and Kayak jobs. MAS Slow and East 835 hardeners will get you 2 or 3 times the pot life of the medium hardeners, but should be used in high temperatures as the cure time at lower temperatures is much longer. Never use epoxy in direct sunlight as it will greatly reduce your working time. There are pumps for both, but for fiberglassing you should mix batches of about ˝ Qt or more, Noahs graduated containers are faster and less prone to mistakes ( was that 4 pumps or 5?).
    Noah’s fibreglass kits will cover up to 17’ Canoes

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    I have used East system epoxy for six canoes. The first canoe I was terrified. But I should not have been as It went better than I thought. If you take your time and think you will be fine. After you mix your epoxy put it in a shallow container like a paint tray which will slow the hardening process. In a smaller confined container it will heat up and harden much faster. If you mix your epoxy in four containers as you go it should be fine. You should have at least an hour to work the epoxy. Call me at 289-404-0418 if you need some help


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