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    Wood strip lengths?

    Lumber lengths are a problem at my location.
    What is the method or is it possible to use some shorter lengths of strips?. I can obtain a small amount of 16' boards but would need to use some of smaller length.

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    No problem other than appearance joining strips. A 45 degree joint is easy, and will not be a problem structurally, as the glass skins keep the canoe together.

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    We just finished glassing the exterior of our Redbird. We used nothing but 8-10' basswood strips that we milled ourselves and had no problems at all. We did not scarf the butt joints, just butted and glued the ends together. If you choose your strips carefully, it can be hard to tell where the joints are.

    Just make sure you spread the joints out across the length of the canoe. Don't make all the joints land between the same two stations.


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