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    Newbie Question # 2 Station Tab Length

    I have all the form templates(paper) cut out for a Chestnut Prospector from the Canoecraft book(1rst edition). I am however not certain how to cut the right tab lengths from the table of offsets to ensure the proper rocker? Can anyone help please?

    I understand that if I fasten my stem sections, attach the string for alignment, but am not sure how long to make the tab for the sections, ie how much higher is section 0 then the Stem, how much lower is section 1 then section 0 etc to ensure proper rocker?

    There must be something simple in the numbers?

    Help and Thanks Randall

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    I donít have a copy if that CC, but there should be a Water Line or other line in the table of offsets, this is your reference to align the stations vertical. Stack the patterns so all the lines are on top of each other and match exactly, the mounting tabs can then be drawn so the bottom of each one is exactly the same length from the reference line above it. Not sure but I think there were some errors in the 1st edition offsets so be sure to check for wonks with a long batten when you set the stations up on the strong back. You could also invest in a set of plans, they have full size half patterns including tabs


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