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    Prospector bow/stern shape question

    I very carefully setup my stems, station 6 and deducted 3/8" off of each half of station 7, however when I attach the halfs of station 7 and run a straight edge between 6 and the stem, it does not touch station 7. I rechecked the measurements and they seem accurate, it doesn't miss by much, but if I bend the the board in to connect with 7' it creates a recurve effect, is this normal? Is this what is referred to as cheek? It looks very nice, but not sure if it is design or an error. Sliding the half stem forward 3/4" corrects the problem, but doing so doesn't seem right.

    Ideas, help....thanks Randall

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    As I mentioned in your previous post there were some errors in the 1st edition of Canoe Craft. Use a flexible batten that is 10í or 12í long to fair the stations so you donít have any dips or bumps. If you have a dip in one station glue on some strips to build up the low station and use the batten to find the high spots and sand so there are no high or low spots.


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