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    Bought myself a project, looking for some ideas

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to the forum as a result of a recent purchase. I have some experience working with cedar strips boats from my guiding days in Northern Ontario. Mostly the boat work consisted of yearly maintenance and minor repairs. This is something a little bit different. I am now living in Prince George BC and have seen more welded aluminum jet boats than anything and am not sure of the wood boat culture here...so I am hopeful that some folks on here might be able to help me out.

    So for a little bit of background, I picked this boat up for next to nothing and as far as I'm concerned its in awesome condition. The man I bought this project from had begun (and almost finished) transforming this 12 foot skiff?...into almost 14 foot. I'm not sure the original purpose of the boat, but as you can see it has a square stern...so it could handle a small motor. The craftmanship on the "addition" is well done (save for the lack of proper nails near the new transom). I would ideally like to complete the work that this man spent quite some time and effort on, but I am having some issues deliberating as to what approach to take.

    My first issue is that of the compound that was utilized to transition from the "old boat" to the "addition". I am not entirely sure what it is but from what he told me its water-tight and is meant to act as a sort of filler between the sections. As you can see it is kind of a weird angle and shape to simple cover up with paint...which I wouldn't really want to do as it would take away from the natural look of the rest of the boat. Is there some kind of clear compound that would do the same thing that might look better? Or perhaps some type of veneer that might cover this section up? Or any other thoughts?

    My second issue is what to do with the section between the "old" transom and the "new" one. I am not sure what practical purpose this open section might serve as I wouldn't want to put much more weight back there if I put a small outboard on. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to maybe turn this into a small cubby or shelf?..

    I have attached some pics so hopefully someone can chime in. Any thoughts would be great. Many thanks in advance.


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    Nice looking boat except for the ugly box on the back. My suggestion would be to cut the extension off and try a light weight outboard ( 25 lbs ) or stick to rowing. Don't think any amount of lipstick is going to make this pig look good otherwise.


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