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Thread: Chop removal?

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    Question Chop removal?

    I have a 16' cedar strip canoe that I bought at a garage sale last year for $75 , the only problem with it is that the builder cheaped out at completion & sprayed about a 1/4" of fiberglass "chop" on the outside & inside instead of cloth & resin/epoxy

    I am sure there is a nice canoe in there somewhere, & would like to remove the chop & replace with glass & epoxy. I have come up with 3 alternatives as follows:

    1. 6" grinder, respirator & lots of time & effort!
    2. Power Hand Planer set at about 1/32" per pass.
    3. Router with 1" flat bottom bit set for 1/16" or 1/8" per pass.

    I'm just fishing for coments & or suggestions. Is there any kind solvent that can soften the chop or seperate it from the cedar?

    thanks in advance


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    It would probably be easier to build a new canoe, but if you rely like fiberglass dust that much use a 4? minigrinder with a flexible backing pad and 36 grit resenite disk. If you use a rigid disk you will damage the wood. Polyester resin does not stick to wood very well, so if you are lucky you may be able to pry some of the glass off.


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