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Thread: Finish Help!

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    Finish Help!

    I have finished the epoxy stage and sanded, applied a varnish recomended by a local hardware store. The varnish never completely cured, so I contacted the varnish company(Minwax Helmsman) and they said the product is not recomended for boat use.
    I then used Cirus 1850 varnish remover, and found that the varnish or Cirus has removed some epoxy in places exposing the cloth.(think the varnish reacted with the epoxy, never cured after 5 days). Is it to late to recover by laying a coat of epoxy or many coats of good marine varnish sanding between coats.
    I believe the bared area's will show through because of the now different colour area's. Or maybe make a garden planter out of the boat.
    Any help would be greatly app.

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    I think it would make a great garden planter, green would be nice. If you want to try and salvage it, first shrub it down with a Scotchbrite and a 50% solution of ammonia (Javex) and water to remove paint stripper residue. Then apply 2 or 3 coats of epoxy over the damaged areas, and at least 1 over the whole canoe. You must use a good quality epoxy, make sure it is mixed thoroughly and at the correct ratio, and it has cured for at least a week before you overcoat. You will probable have some color differences, but other than stripping the glass and starting over there is not much you can do. One part paints and varnishes will not dry over epoxy, if the epoxy has not properly cured. Use a marine spar varnish. We have been recommending Sikkens Clearvarnish UV for years and have no problems with it.


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