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    Hi people,
    I am working to restore a 1969 Shepherd 42 ft boat. I appreciate the help and assistance from Noah's staff and I'll be posting pictures of how I am dealing with the affects of time on this fine boat.
    I have learned that the hull and hardware is by Trojan, nobody seems to know this. Shepherd did the interior fitting, it appears.
    This boat has 2 recently rebuild 426 hemi engines.
    It has a fiberglass over plywood construction, with the fiberglass being impressively well stuck on still.
    There is lots of teak.
    Most of the problems are around the back area where the deck meets the transom and forward to the cabin entry, where the water has flowed for so long, it has soaked down into the plywood on each side about 4-10 inches.
    The framing at the 4 forward cabin, main room corners has failed and water has rotted the oak and mahogany in some concentrated areas of the cabin structures.
    All in all the hull seems very stable with no failures that I have seen. A very well looked after boat.

    I'll be using a lot of unconventional processes and materials to fix up this boat.
    I'll be installing LED lighting throughout the boat also, we are in that business.
    I have a 4X8 Shopbot, so new parts are no problem Thanks for reading, tips will be appreciated.
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