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    Teak and Holly plywood for interior/exterior deck?

    I purchased my 1st boat one yr ago. A 22 ft FG Doral Tara cuddy. I would like to replace the carpet with a teak and holly plywood floor. I know this plywood is not suitable for exterior use. However, my boat has a full camper top to protect the wood from the weather. The only water the deck ever see's is maybe the very odd splash from the odd wave. Would this be practicle if I protect the wood with a proper clear coating? If so, what would the best clear coat be?

    Also, any input on what a Teak and Holly deck on this type of boat would look like would be appreciated.

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    Teak & Holly should look OK, and it should stand up ok. For maximum protection you should coat top bottom and edges with epoxy, then use a semi gloss varnish, only problem will be this will be slippery when wet. A little less protection but better nonskid would be Sikkens Cetol Marine, or Epifanis Rapidcoat.


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