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    "Ellery's Canoes" ultra light cedar strip canoe

    I'm trying to help someone find information on an old "Ellery's Canoes" ultra light cedar strip canoe. The question I'm asking is .. "Were some old cedar strip canoes built with strips that were only half the canoe in length and 'joined-in-the-middle'? I know it sounds unlikely but they two photos give that visual impression. The front and back 'halves' of the strips appear to have different tones, appear to 'join' in the middle, and there's even an 'overlapping' rib of sorts on the inside at the mid-point. Would they have actually built a canoe in this fashion? Or is it just an illusion?


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    From what I have been able to find the center rib is typical of an Ellery. I think you are correct: the two halves were identical, built on the same mold then fastened with the center rib before the hull was glassed using polyester resin. Not a good build method IMHO. Perhaps Ron Ellery was working in a very small workshop . . .

    Your unit looks hogged which is not unexpected. The good news is, the glass should come off more easily than if it had been epoxied if you're planning a restoration.

    More information at Canadian Canoe Routes and there's a nice restored model at Chalmers Boat Repair - the image really highlights the separate halves of the hull.


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