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    1rst time builder - adhesive help

    hello all, first time builder here, looking for some basic information. Simple question, what type of adhesive should i use for setting up the cedar strips?
    Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

    thanks Randall

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    Regular carpenters glue works well, only problem is it is not waterproof so if the epoxy/glass skin is punctured and water gets in the glue will dissolve. Franklin Titebond 3 is a water resistant glue that cleans up with water so would be a better choice. Epoxy is more difficult to clean up so not usually used for stripping.

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    Being a first time builder, I would also like to suggest you to start and try with the carpenter glue, it will be easy to clean up and if you will start directly with Epoxy then, you might find many problems and you will get irritated.


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