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    Hello everyone,

    Iím currently looking into building a strip canoe in my spare time. My wife is currently deployed to AFG. In addition, I just got back a few months ago also. Therefore, the free time I have I would like to be productive, and its also a gift for her when she returns.

    There are many beautiful canoes on this site and a lot of different designs. So my main question is what design would you recommend.

    My wife and I will be the ones using it so it must be a two-person one. But we are both new to canoeing and building canoes. So Iím not sure what one to get.

    Any suggestions to help choose what one to start my build off with and what one will perform the best for us would be great!

    Thank you for reading.


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    Difficult to make recommendations as everyone has there own ideas, but our best selling design is the 16' Prospector. No speed machine, but wide, stable, with good load carrying, 2 people and large dog, no problem. Shorter version of the same idea is 15' Bob special.


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