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    Peterborough Champlain Station Spacing

    I am a new cedar strip canoe builder. I ordered the kit and Canoecraft book from Noahs but I am not sure how far apart to space the stations. The Canoe craft book says 12" spacing between stations but the bow and stern end up to short on stem. If they were 14" apart the bow and stern station seem to sit at the correct spot on stem. Any advice?

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    Spacing at 12" is correct, not sure what you mean by bow and stern too short. Try using one of the full length strips as a fairing batten. Clamp or hold both ends at the bottom of the mold, then move to different spots if you get a fair curve the mold spacing should be right. Stem to stem on the mold will also be shorter than the overall length of the canoe as you will be adding the inner and outer stems.


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