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    Very light river cruiser

    Is it possible to use nida-core for a very light hull on a 49ft river cruiser. Trying to build as light as possible, use very small Diesel engine for economy. I read on a different forum a poster said he thought he could build a cored 60ft boat that would weigh in about 8 to 10k lbs. I don't think it's possible, but I want to get as close as possible to that figure.

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    Nida Core is more suited to interior furniture and possibly superstructure. Noah's has a lot of customers building with Corecell, but other than Kayaks no one has used Nida Core for larger boats. Gurit http://www.gurit.com/structural-cores.aspx in addition to Corecell M (Marine) also makes a PVC (Klegecell) foam that is less costly and would also work well for hulls. They also make G-PET an economical Thermoplastic core suitable for superstructures and interiors.
    10K@49' would be pushing it but as a river boat with limited tankage, beer and other amenity's it should be possible, talk to a reputable designer.
    You could also consider a Power Catamaran with a pair of outboards, narrower hulls are more easily driven.


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