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    Question foam board duck boat

    I am about to begin building a low profile sneak/layout boat for duck hunting, using the stitch and glue method.
    Most plans that I have seen, call for a plywood core. I would like to try foam board - light and rot-free.
    Will the foam board work as the core with a fiberglass/Kevlar skin over it?
    Does the board handle the stitches OK?
    Should the board be sealed on both sides?
    Is there inherent floatation in the foam board?


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    Light weight option would be Corecell M or Gurit PVC foam, PVC would work well for small boats and is less expensive. Foam is a structural core but will need to be fiber-glassed on both sides to make it rigid. For a Duck Boat 2 layers of 10 oz. cloth and 1 or 2 inside should work. Cut the panels the same as the plywood, only go to 3/8" or 1/2" foam. You can stick the panels together with some resin putty or body filler (faster). You only need to hold the panels together until the the putty sets so zip ties, toothpicks, screws, clamps or anything else you can figure out to get the shape will work. Remove fasteners, refill gaps if necessary, sand the outside corners to remove sharp corners. Fiberglass the outside, flip over, fillet the inside corners with resin putty, fiberglass the inside. The hull will be floppy when you turn it over so be sure to support it at the proper shape before glassing the inside. The foam option will be lighter than Ply, never rot and depending on foam thickness will offer more flotation than than ply, but I would still build in boxes fore and abaft.


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