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    Core replacement / line clutch area of deck


    I am replacing the core and bottom skin from an area about 10 x 12 under the starboard line clutches on a J/120. I read that it's best to replace the core with the current material (balsa) rather than an alternate (foam, pvc, epoxy sheet)? True, or do you recommend another product?

    I'm looking for the easiest/best way. I first planned to build down the area with resin/glass, layered into place using a 2x2 support and blocking/wedge. But replacing with the core material seems easier if it will be as strong for the clutches (stress will be mostly in shear.) I will probably reinforce it with a s/s or alum backing plate for the clutches (there should be room above the liner for that.)

    I use both West and Maas but prefer Maas due to the 2:1 and no blush -- concur?


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    Balsa is OK, just make sure it is well sealed. Foam will never rot if it gets wet but use the higher density 12 LB as the standard 5LB will compress slightly under high loads. Marine grade ply will work well and is probably the KISS solution.
    I have used MAS and like it, but you might want to try Noah's new ARK 2:1 epoxy. Same no blush, a little thinner so better wet out and no advertising budget, so not the high $ spread.


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