Hi, my name is Roland, i am german and new to the forum.I plan to build my first cedar strip canoe end of this year. I have some Ideas what designs suit my needs, but still struggling in-between two : Redbird and the prospector.

As i did many trips on whitewater,when i was younger, i now like it more chilly and like to do long trips,1 to 2 month, so my needs are :

a canoe which can carry enough load for two people and for round about two months time

a canoe wich tracks straight without to much correction while paddling.

a canoe, what can handle some coastline waves and stays ( mostly ) dry.

what i read about the description of the redbird design ,in overall length and handling in rough seas, this is my favorite.

Would be nice to give me some advice , may someone who already own a Redbird or Prospector.

i will not take the boat in whitewater, more lakes and easy going rivers.