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    Ready for Fiberglass

    I'm building a freighter canoe with the following dimensions (my first build)

    DEPTH AFT-20"

    I'm ready to fiberglass the outside but not sure how many layers to use. Right now I'm thinking 10oz and putting one 50" wide piece down the middle, and then laying a piece from each side to overlap on the bottom. That way the very bottom will have 3 layers, some of the sides will have two layers, and at the top of sides only one layer.
    I plan to finish the boat clear and want to see the Cedar that I have spent so much time on. The canoe will have an outboard and be trailered so weight isn't an issue unless it gets so heavy it cuts down on what I can carry with me in the boat.
    Strength is what I am looking for. I want to carry lot's of gear a long way on river trips.
    I plan on installing a 51 gallon fuel tank. I hesitate to mention that because I'm sure it sounds ridiculous. As I said, I plan on carrying a lot of weight a long way.
    If I did it correctly, I have attached a picture of my boat (The Lost Caddo).
    You Tube has brought me along very well on the build and shows technique for fiber-glassing, but I haven't found anything specific on how much to use.
    Any guidance will be appreciated.
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    Are you planning to carry this beast?

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    Not likely. It's not complete and it weighs 335lbs. Just the fuel tank (full) will weigh another 330lbs.
    While not finished, I tested it in Caddo Lake a few weeks ago and it handled great. Did 30mph (gps)
    with two of us and 5 gals of gas in the tank.
    I have 4 more weekends to complete it and get it to Minnesota. June 3rd is the only weekend I'm available to
    get it there before the trip.
    June 30th we launch in the Mississippi at St. Paul MN headed for New Orleans. Ought to be great entertainment!


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