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    Please help with finish for an Oak Plank patio table

    I have built a reclaimed barn plank table which is stained with oil based minwax stain . I used multiple coats of minwax Helmsman spar urethane and the finish after one season was splitting and pealing and cloudy . Please let me know what I should use .
    Much appreciated
    P.S I live in Ontario and bring in the table for the winter.

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    I'm not sure this is the right forum for you. This is specifically about boat building and of course boats are on water so they will need completely different treatment to indoor furniture!

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    Well glad I read your post as I was thinking about using the same urethane for a spalted Yellow Birch vanity top. Now I think that I will spend the money and use an epoxy sealer, then epifanes marine varnish. Note that anything will break down over time, especially outside. Once you get the old urethane finish off of your table, you might want to try something like a rub on oil that will have to be re-applied each year but won't require the extra work of removal of the old surface.


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